Assignment: Altruism and Cooperation Worksheet

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Assignment: Altruism and Cooperation Worksheet

Assignment: Altruism and Cooperation Worksheet


Part I: Random Acts of Kindness Foundation Website

  1. What is the purpose of this website/movement?

The websites offer a platform where people can share their experiences of acts of kindness or develop insights into random acts of kindness done to others. This website, therefore, purposes to spread the message of kindness across homes, schools as well as different places. Mainly it allows the spread of different stories related to how we extend gratitude to others. Besides, it demonstrates various approaches people can use to express kindness for the common good of fellow human beings (Mongrain et al., 2018). The website also aims to influence a kinder movement among people as it focuses on changing the behavior of human towards acts that promote harmony.

  1. What story or stories influenced you the most?

In the website, the two stories that influenced me the most were those of Erica and Houston’s. At first, Erica’s story delves into a pay it forward scenario, and this was similar to my earlier experience when a friend betrayed me. The story inspired me on how to react to pressing situations of life. Besides, it gave me an idea of what to prepare for my upcoming prosocial day. On the other hand, Houston’s story influenced me based on the experience he had with Helga (Mongrain et al., 2018). The encounter between the two in the story indicates that acts of kindness are not a usual practice since, in the current world, everyone seems to be preoccupied with their affairs of life which disconnect relationships among people.

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Part II: My Prosocial Day

  1. My implementation of kindness

While I drive through one of the streets in Englewood in California, I happened to encounter a motorist whose car had

Assignment Altruism and Cooperation Worksheet

Assignment Altruism and Cooperation Worksheet

developed a mechanical problem particularly on one of the rare wheels. I helped her with my spare tire since she did not have one and it was also a coincidence that our car models were from the same brands (Buick Enclave). She stated she had been stuck on the road for about three hours without any help and was worried about her children whom she had to pick from school. She mentioned I rescued her and as such, she wanted to reward me with $200, an offer that I turned down.

  1. Describe the reactions you perceived from others and yourself

Motorists on this busy street appreciated my act of kindness. One took my business number so that he would call for a charity event in their church. The woman I assisted too took my number and promised to call me to give me back my spare tire. I felt happy about my assistance to a stranger who was in dire need of my support (Graziano & Schroeder, 2015).  My act of kindness also gave me joy that I can also change the life of a person towards a common good. Through my compassion, I increased the list of people in my contact to expand my networks as a social marketer.

  1. What I learned about prosocial behavior

Based on my assistance to the woman, I learned that prosocial behavior entails an act of compassion that a person provides without expecting economic or social gain. As reflected in my actions, I was able to pull over from my car and assist a person not familiar to me. Besides, even when she offered to reward me with $200, I declined the offer which meant that my interest in providing the service was not for any gain (Graziano & Schroeder, 2015). From compassion, I learned that an act of kindness should be part of human behavior to assist others. Besides, helping others can also provide a solution to the social problems related to poverty across the world.

  1. How my faith helped me implement my prosocial behavior

As a Christian, I draw my inspiration from the Holy Bible. My act of compassion was derived from the book of Luke 10:25-37 about the narrative of the Good Samaritan. This was demonstrated when I willingly gave the woman my only spare tire and declined her financial reward. I desired to help but not receive any gain (Graziano & Schroeder, 2015). Based on my actions, I believe that the feeling of gratitude is much better than the material reward we might expect from those we help. It also reflects an act of selflessness in which I dedicated my time to ensure that the woman does not spend another hour on the street.

Use the document “Prosocial Behavior” to successfully complete this assignment.
This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
I will add the worksheet in the *upload files* section. All of the instructions will be on that worksheet.

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