Assignment: Child and Adolescent Development Essay

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Assignment: Child and Adolescent Development Essay

Assignment: Child and Adolescent Development Essay


In the current researches, studies of child and adolescent development have been advanced. The new changes in the studies have led to more complicated aspects of childhood development through adolescent. In today’s practices researchers depend on the theoretical hypotheses to predict the behavioral patterns of children. Contrary to traditional studies where topics on child development were integrated with adults and towards educational instruction, the present research tap into the multifaceted approaches that defines adolescents as miniature adults who have unique characters (McCormick & Scherer, 2018). Nonetheless, the current research on child and adolescent development can be considered to have unique specialization as they are more focused on linking psychological developments among the age groups.

Guided by this argument, the development research of contemporary studies can help clinical or psychological counselors to understand the developmental milestones from birth to puberty and later to adolescence. The current research studies also illustrate the life events at every stage of life. For instance, the research unravels the physical, mental, as well as cognitive and psycho-social throughout the life of a person particularly from infancy to puberty.  According to Bucx, (2018), every phase of human development determines future growth in an individual which are also influenced by the context of the society, family together with culture. Even though the field of child and adolescent development continue to evolve, there is clear evidence that circumstances that influence the changes in children’s residents are dynamic which necessitates a constant evaluation of behavior throughout the lifespan.

Theoretical perspectives have initiated further approaches in predicting child and adolescent development. As per Freud’s psychosexual developmental theory, the growth of a child can be described as a series of stages that mainly focus on various pleasure areas of the body. According to Bucx (2018), the theory developed by Sigmund Freud expounds that during each stage of growth, a child bumps into conflicts which in overall, play a significant role throughout the developmental stages until puberty. Freud concludes that early experiences are key in shaping the growth and development of a child.

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On the other hand, Erikson’s psychosocial developmental theory illustrates the social interaction as well as conflicts arising at

Assignment Child and Adolescent Development Essay

Assignment Child and Adolescent Development Essay

different developmental stages in a child. The theory as championed by Erik Erikson focuses more on how social interaction and experiences determine the perception of children from infancy to adulthood (Bucx, 2018). Erick further postulates that at each stage of growth, children and adolescents encounter developmental crisis that defines major turning points in their lives.

Piaget’s cognitive developmental theory addresses the thought processes that influence the perception of children as they grow. Bucx (2018) posits that the theory proposed by Jean Piaget also seeks to address the cognitive development and mental states of children across the life span. Besides, Piaget also describes how the thought processes encountered through childhood influence the understanding and how children interact with different factions in the world. Piaget also explains four stages of cognitive development which include sensorimotor, preoperational, concert operational and formal operational stages.

The Bowlby’s attachment theory explains how early relationships and encounters with caregivers offer significant avenues in shaping the social relations of the child throughout life. In developing the theory, John Bowlby argued that caregivers influenced the behavior of children since they provide a safe haven as well as a secure base upon which children can explore the world. Bandura’s social learning theory development by Albert Bandura postulates that conditioning and reinforcement process can be used to explain learning in children. According to Bucx (2018), both classical and operant conditioning context of Bandura’s theory influence the observational as well as the modeling aspects of learning. It also allows children to develop new skills as they acquire further information.

Write a 500-750-word paper discussing the importance of child and adolescent psychology on development. Address the following in your paper:
Discuss how the study of child and adolescent development has changed over time.
Describe the five theoretical perspectives, including the major theorists associated with each
Include at least two scholarly resources, in addition to the textbook, in your paper.
Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

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