Assignment: Evaluating Sources and Outlining Your Ideas Essay

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Assignment: Evaluating Sources and Outlining Your Ideas Essay

Assignment: Evaluating Sources and Outlining Your Ideas Essay


Flournoy, C. (2019). The Fair Housing Act: Enacted despite the Mainstream Media, Neutered by the Federal Government’s Unwillingness to Enforce It. Cardozo Law Review, 40(3), 1101–1131

The authority of the author of this article is not in question. According to the author information, the article was written by Craig Flourney, who is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Journalism, University of Cincinnati. Therefore, when he examines the role that the media played in the propagation of housing inequality, he knows what he is talking about since he is an expert in the field. The article is fairly current as it was published in the year 2019. Also, given that the article tackles the issues that arose in the early to mid-20th century, the sources are fairly current as he has adopted sources that had been published by the year 2018 as well. Further, the article is objective as it was written by a person from the media industry who is criticizing the media for its role in ensuring that the housing inequality did not receive significant support from the political arena. Lastly, the article is verifiable as the author has listed his sources at the end.

Marks, S. A. (2013). Fair Housing Desegregation Policy: Recent Developments and Proposed Site Selection Safe Harbors. Journal of Affordable Housing & Community Development Law, 22(1), 67

Scots A. Marks as the author of the article is fairly authoritative by virtue of his position as a lawyer in a company that deals with housing issues. Thus, he is fairly knowledgeable about the position of the Fair Housing Act and whether it addresses housing discrimination, which form the bulk of his exposition. Further, the article is fairly not current as it uses case studies that are more than 5 years old to address the issue of housing discrimination from a legal perspective. However, it is verifiable as it has quoted sources that are easily found online and ones that are of repute. Also, taking implicit bias into consideration, the article may not be objective as the author is an activist who may not offer unbiased opinion.

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Sheffield, J. J. (2014). At Forty-Five Years Old the Obligation to Affirmatively Further Fair Housing Gets a Facelift, but Will It Integrate America’s Cities? University of Florida Journal of Law & Public Policy, 25(1), 51–113

The article is authoritative since it was written by an author who is knowledgeable about the Fair Housing Act and the attempts by the

Assignment Evaluating Sources and Outlining Your Ideas Essay

Assignment Evaluating Sources and Outlining Your Ideas Essay

federal government to operationalize the law while pointing out the laxities in the same attempts. Indeed, the article uses articles that have been published for the last five years inasmuch as it also uses those that were published in the 20th century to give itself context. Verifiability of the article is evident as references have been utilized. Indeed, the article is objective as it analyzes the matter from a legal perspective while also analyzing the social angle of the issue.

Matthew, D. B. (2019). On Charlottesville. Virginia Law Review, 105(2), 269–341. Retrieved from

The above article is authoritative as it is written by various professors specializing in different areas of social racism and the law. As such, they have the authority to discuss the issue of racism in the current presidency in the United States and how that has affected social issues such as housing. Also, the article is current as it uses resources that have been published in the recent past while it is verifiable due to the existence of the aforesaid resources. In addition, the article is fairly objective as the authors do not have an interest in the politics of the day and neither do they have any interest in racism.

Evaluating Sources Assignment

During the entire evaluation process, the assessment of authority and verifiability were the most useful. Whereas the former enabled me to choose articles that were written by experts who knew what they were talking about, the latter also ensured that the articles chosen for the research paper had support from credible sources. As such, the confluence of the two aspects made it possible for me to choose credible sources for the research work concerning my thesis. Indeed, I was surprised during the assessment process by virtue of the fact that some articles did not meet the threshold established by the evaluation procedure yet they seemed to have pertinent details concerning the thesis.

As regards the elimination of sources, I did eliminate two of them. While the two sources had authority, verifiability and objectivity, they lacked currency. The two articles were published more than five years ago. Thus, whereas they could contain pertinent information, it may not have been current enough for the expected exposition on the matter.


  1. Intro: Housing discrimination in the United States has continued to exist even with governmental policies and important desegregation laws in place.
  2. Thesis: The United States has failed to address housing discrimination due to laxity of agencies when applying the rules, acceptability of racism with the current presidency, and African-Americans being viewed as inferior compared to whites.
  3. What are the reasons for the continued existence of housing desegregation even with governmental policies and legislated and litigated laws such as the Fair Housing Act in place?
  4. Several policies such as the Fair Housing Act have been enacted in order to address the issue of housing discrimination. However, these policies have become ineffective due to the intransigence of federal government agencies when it comes to the execution of the same. I am planning to use Flournoy (2019), Marks (2013) and Shefield (2014) to support this point.
  5. Further, racism has been accepted as a societal norm in the present United States. This has been aided by the racist political rhetoric emanating from the current presidency and its support of white supremacists in the United States. As a consequence, the racism has permeated societal fabrics and this is evident in the increased instances of housing discrimination in the United States. I will use Matthew (2019) to support this view.
  6. Housing desegregation also occurs due to the existing notion that African-Americans are inferior to their white counterparts hence they do not deserve urban suburban areas, which the discriminators consider a preserve of Whites due to their ‘superior’ socio-economic status. The existence of such a notion ensures that African-Americans are disadvantaged when it comes to housing policies, federal government housing projects, and particularly so in private housing sector. I will use implicit points from Sheffield (2014).
  • Conclusion
  1. Thus, the laxity of federal government agencies, promotion of racist practices and racist groups by political rhetoric, and the misguided notion of the superiority of the whites continue to ensure that the American society does not achieve housing equality.

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