Executive Summary Assignment: Hand washing Essay

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Executive Summary Assignment: Hand washing Essay

Executive Summary Assignment: Hand washing Essay


Human hands touch a lot of surfaces in the course of daily life. The premise makes them perfect vehicles in transporting germs which then gets into the body. Thorough hand washing is crucial in reducing the spread of germs. At the care facility, proper hand washing protocol must be defined to significantly control the spread of infections (Pittet, Boyce, & Allegranzi, 2017). Often, hand washing using water and soap is one of the safest ways to minimize the spread of Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) in a hospital setting. On the contrary, not all healthcare workers have the time to conduct an effective hand washing procedure. Nonetheless, patients lack adequate information on the procedures for hand washing (Butenko, Lockwood, & McArthur, 2017). Since healthcare personnel have busy schedules and patients are in need of quality care, there is a need to introduce hand washing education for sensitization with an aim to minimize the spread of HIA.

The Purpose of the Project

At the Brooklyn Hospital Center in Brooklyn, New York, a hand washing project that targets both the health workers and patients is to be instituted. The program comes handy after the latest concerns of improper hand washing especially for hospitalized patients in the facility. The purpose of the project is to recommend a hand washing protocol that guarantees safety to workers and patients (Haverstick et al., 2017). This will be achieved through education which will take place at the hospital boardrooms for health workers and at the outpatient units or at the bedside for patients.

The Target Nurses and Patients

The initiative targets patients and healthcare workers especially nurses. Patients are the recipients of care in a health facility. Safety in quality outcomes depends on the effectiveness of hand washing protocols in a care facility. On the other hand, the project targets the nurses at the Brooklyn Hospital Center since the professionals spend the longest time with the patients and are likely to spread infection if safe hand washing procedures are not followed. Moreover, nurses need to understand the basic techniques necessary for effective hand washing not only to provide care to patients but also to educate them on proper techniques that guarantee their safety.

Benefits of the Project

The hand washing project is important to the Brooklyn Hospital Center, nurses, and patients (Pittet, Boyce & Allegranzi, 2017). To the nurses, the project aims to inform them of the basic procedures that are essential to minimize the spread of infections to their patients. Nurses will acquire knowledge on the basic techniques to identify sources of hand contamination in the hospital and how to deter the spread of such infection. Additionally, the implementation of the project will ensure that nurses limit the spread of HAIs by 30%. To the patients, hand washing projects serve to inform them about the effective procedures to ensure hand hygiene (Butenko, Lockwood, & McArthur, 2017). The project will reduce potential exposures to contaminants and germs that might cause hospital-acquired infections. In overall, the project will ensure the quality of health outcomes since the patients will only be treated for illnesses that they had been admitted for and not newly acquired infections at the care facility. This, in turn, leads to reduced length of stay in the care facility and saves the patients additional financial expenditures. To the hospital, the project will ensure that the costs of care are reduced. In general, the reputation of the hospital will be enhanced as one of the top health centers providing quality care in New York. In a study by Haverstick et al (2017), hand hygiene compliance reduces the rates of hospital-acquired infection by 75%. This means that the implementation of the program will guarantee improved quality outcomes since compliance ensures that patients and health workers do not contract or spread infections.

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Budget Justification

In order to implement hand washing project at the Brooklyn Health Center, 20 missing hand rubs will be availed. Awareness

Executive Summary Assignment Hand washing Essay

Executive Summary Assignment Hand washing Essay

training program will be conducted to sensitize nurses on the effectiveness of hand washing. Missing sinks in the hospital wards will be installed. In total, 10 sinks will be provided to ensure patients have access to clean and safe water for hand washing. The initiative will also require the distribution of educational papers to patients and nurses. It is estimated that about 1000 handouts and brochures will be availed to ensure that participants acquire education necessary for hand washing practice (Pittet, Boyce, & Allegranzi, 2017). A handprint culture will also be procured to identify the type of germs that are predominant in the care facility. Moreover, financial resources will also be allocated for the regular monitoring of the feedback to assess the effectiveness of the project. This also involves awarding complaint nursing staff and patients to motivate other players in achieving effective hand washing technique at the facility. The overall cost of the entire projected is estimated to be $3,906 per year.

Basis of Project Evaluation

In order to assess the effectiveness of the project, monitoring and evaluation will be conducted. This will be based on the frequency of patient and nurse visits to the sink as they implement hand washing (GH, 2014). The rates of hospital-acquired infections will also be recorded during the pilot project and compared with outcomes from earlier data on the same. Patients and nurses will also be asked to demonstrate hand washing procedures monthly to ascertain that the knowledge acquired is implemented effectively. Nonetheless, the effectiveness of the program will also be evaluated based on the number of refills made to the hand rub gels used by both patients and nurses.

Executive Summary assignment written proposal details for your hospital.
In this assignment, you will select the education of hand washing project from your place of employment The Brooklyn Hospital Center located at Brooklyn New York. Assume you are presenting this program to the board for approval of funding. Write an executive summary (850-1,000 words) to present to the board, from which they will make their decision to fund your program or project. The summary should include:

(A) The purpose of the program or project.

(B) The target nurses and patients and why this population was chosen.

(C) The benefits of the program or project among the patient and hospital. And provide Evidence base data that this hand washing project services.

( D) The cost or budget justification and why.

(E)The basis upon which the program or project will be evaluated.

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