MSN 6011 DQ Individualizing Care in Your Practice or Organization

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MSN 6011 DQ Individualizing Care in Your Practice or Organization

MSN 6011 DQ Individualizing Care in Your Practice or Organization

This discussion will focus on professional discourse about
your personal experiences and observations of individualizing care for patients
in your practice and care settings.

For this discussion, please address the following:

Describe an experience you have had working to individualize
care for a patient (or describe a time in your care setting that you observed
care being individualized for a patient).

Briefly explain patient’s considerations that were addressed
as the care was becoming individualized.

How were the patient’s other health concerns taken into

How were the patient’s culture and beliefs taken into

How were the patient’s economic and daily environmental
realities taken into account?

What, if any, ethical considerations were there for working
with this individual patient?

Reflect on things you would have suggested doing
differently, if you could revisit that patient’s case again.

Note: Remember to not disclose any confidential patient or
organizational information in your post. Also, citing outside sources is
optional for this discussion.

Response Guidelines

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Review the responses of your peers and then choose one peer
to whom you would like to respond. If possible, try to respond to someone who
has not received a response on their post yet. In your response address one of
the following:

Comment on what you have done, or observed being done, in a
situation similar to that described in your peer’s post.

Propose an additional strategy or consideration that could
have helped achieve positive outcomes for the case that your peer presented.


Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.

Examples of Individualized Care Plan in a sentence Optional services known as Care Plan Options (CPOs) are not covered benefits but may be provided at IEHP’s discretion and cost, and in accordance with the Member’s Individualized Care Plan (ICP). PCPs are expected to participate in the development of Member’s Individualized Care Plan (ICP), including participation in and Interdisciplinary Care Team (ICT) case conference as needed. Member Care Management contact is based on the needs of the Member and the plan in the Individualized Care Plan (ICP). IEHP and its Delegates will use the HRA survey responses as a foundation to develop an Individualized Care Plan (ICP) for each Member, identify their care coordination needs and stratify them for CM interventions. Interdisciplinary Care Team (ICT) — A team of Primary Care Provider, Care Coordinator, Independent Living and Long-Term Services and Supports Coordinator and other individuals at the discretion of the Enrollee that work with the Enrollee to develop, implement, and maintain the Individualized Care Plan. For additional support telephone numbers, see the Avaya Web site: Communication Manager Call Center Software CD Guide Contents Preface . Individualized Care Plan (ICP or Care Plan): The plan of care developed by an Enrollee and/or an Enrollee’s Interdisciplinary Care Team or health plan. A CPO service is designed to only supplement, not replace, the required Medi-Cal services under the beneficiary’s Individualized Care Plan (ICP). An Individualized Care Plan (ICP) is then developed and carried out for each member. The Assessment will be used in the Individualized Care Plan to determine services and units of services funded.

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