MSN 6011 DQ Population Health in Your Practice or Organization

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MSN 6011 DQ Population Health in Your Practice or Organization

MSN 6011 DQ Population Health in Your Practice or Organization

This discussion will focus on professional discourse about
your personal experiences and observations of planning, developing, and
implementing population health improvement initiatives in your practice and
care settings.

For this discussion, please address the following:

Describe an experience you have had working with a
population or community health initiative (or describe a time in your care
setting that you observed this type of working being done at your organization
or in your community).

Briefly explain the considerations of the community that
were addressed and how data about the community was incorporated.

How was the diversity of culture and beliefs in the
community taken into account?

How were other health concerns of the community also taken
into account?

How were the economic and daily environmental realities of
the community taken into account?

Consider successes, challenges, and failures you observed in
how the community needs were addressed or considered.

What, if any, ethical considerations were there for working
with specific groups and stakeholders in the community?

Reflect on things you would have suggested doing
differently, if you could revisit that community case again.

Note: Remember to not disclose any confidential patient or
organizational information in your post.

Response Guidelines

Review the responses of your peers and then choose one peer
to whom you would like to respond. If possible, try to respond to someone who
has not received a response on their post yet. In your response address one of
the following:

Comment on what you have done, or observed being done, in a
situation similar to that described in your peer’s post.

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Propose an additional strategy or consideration that could
have helped achieve positive outcomes for the case that your peer presented.


Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.

Population health connotes a high-level assessment of a group of people. This epidemiological framework is often in direct opposition to the manner in which the health care system has cared for patients in a fee-for-service model: one individual at a time. Currently, population health is being seen in two distinct ways: (1) from a public health perspective, populations are defined by geography of a community (e.g., city, county, regional, state, or national levels); and (2) from the perspective of the delivery system (individual providers, groups of providers, insurers, and health delivery systems), population health connotes a “panel” of patients served by the organization.

In the post-ACA world, as payment models shift from fee-for-service to global payment, ACOs will necessarily reorient from a disease focus to a wellness focus to improve quality and contain costs. Although they will have an ethical and contractual obligation for the patients for which they care, their engagement in the larger community may be highly dependent on which members of the community population actually end up being part of a particular ACO or PCMH panel. The larger the overlap between an ACO panel and the community population, the more the overall health of the community will contribute to the ACOs’ ability to keep their patients healthy. Similarly, the larger the overlap between community population and ACO panel, the more ACO health outcomes will drive community health indicators. Table 1 displays how an ACO might address a variety of characteristics, depending on the chosen definition of population health (none, panel of patients in the delivery system, all members of a community).

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