MSN 6030 Assignment Implementation Plan Design

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MSN 6030 Assignment Implementation Plan Design

MSN 6030 Assignment Implementation Plan Design


Even the
best intervention plan will not be effective without a sound and reasonable
approach to implementing it. The implementation of the same intervention plan
can vary drastically between different care settings, based on the culture of
the care setting, the resources available, and the stakeholders involved in the
project, as well as the specific policies already in place. A successful
implementation plan blends contemporary and emerging best practices and
technology with an understanding of the on-the-ground realities of a specific
care setting and the target population for an intervention. By synthesizing
these various consideration it is possible to increase the likely success of
the implementation and continued sustainability of an intervention plan.


Your implementation
plan design will be the third section of your final project submission. The
goal for this is to design a plan that will allow your intervention to be
implemented in your target population and setting. You should be able to
preserve the quality improvement outcomes that you designed for your target
population and setting while also ensuring that the intervention does not put
undue stress on the health care setting’s resources or violate any policies or
regulations. Provide enough detail so that the faculty member assessing your
implementation plan design will be able to provide substantive feedback that
you will be able to incorporate into the final draft of your project. At
minimum, be sure to address the bullet points below, as they correspond to the
grading criteria. You may also want to read the scoring guide and the Guiding
Questions: Implementation Plan Design document (both linked in the Resources)
to better understand how each criterion will be assessed. In addition to the
bullet points below, provide a brief introduction that refreshes the reader’s

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memory about your problem statement, as well as the setting and context for
which this intervention plan was designed before launching into your
implementation plan.

These instructions are an outline. Your heading for this this section should be
Management and Leadership and not Part 1: Management and Leadership.

Part 1:
Management and Leadership

strategies for leading, managing, and implementing professional nursing
practices to ensure interprofessional collaboration during the implementation
of an intervention plan.

Analyze the
implications of change associated with proposed strategies for improving the
quality and experience of care while controlling costs.

Part 2:
Delivery and Technology

appropriate delivery methods to implement an intervention which will improve
the quality of the project.

the current and emerging technological options related to the proposed delivery

Part 3:
Stakeholders, Policy, and Regulations

stakeholders, regulatory implications, and potential support that could impact
the implementation of an intervention plan.

existing or new policy considerations that would support the implementation of
an intervention plan.

Part 4:

Propose a
timeline to implement an intervention plan with reference to specific factors
that influence the timing of implementation.

Generally Throughout

resources from diverse sources that illustrate support for all aspects of an
implementation plan for a planned intervention.

implementation plan in a way that clearly illustrate the importance of
interprofessional collaboration to create buy-in from the audience.

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