MSN 6030 Unit 1 Discussion

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MSN 6030 Unit 1 Discussion

MSN 6030 Unit 1 Discussion

DQ1 Preliminary
Literature to Support Need and Population

For your
capstone project, you will design a comprehensive intervention plan to solve a
need for a selected population to demonstrate your program outcomes. For this
discussion, take some time to think about potential target populations and
needs you could address, as well as to begin searching the literature for
evidence that could help support your analysis and decision about an
appropriate target population and setting.

discussion will contain two parts. Please address the following in your initial
response (it should be a minimum of 250 words):

Part 1:
Need and Population Brainstorm

As you look
over your previous coursework and work in the field, is there a population that
you focused on?

If not,
what population or culture do you feel has a need?

Could you
create an intervention plan for that population?

Why are you
interested in that population?

What is
their need?

Is this a
need across the population, or just within a specific setting?

your practicum experience and your preceptor.

How will
this site support your goals and objectives?

Part 2:
Preliminary Literature Review

Complete a
preliminary literature review related to the need and population you identified
in Part 1.

three pieces of literature that support your identified need and population,
and provide a brief description and analysis of each.

Be sure to
include proper APA citations.


according to the Faculty Expectations Message guidelines. In your response
address the following:

How could
your peer further refine their identified need?

How could
your peer further refine their target population?

How well do
the cited resources support your peer’s identified need or target population?

Do you have
any additional resources to suggest to your peer?

DQ2 Reflection

Each week
you will engage in weekly check-ins. These check-ins will be brief (2–5
minutes) video or audio recordings in which you discuss your experiences and
progress for the week. The goal of these check-ins is to allow you to connect
with your peers on a more personal level and build a more vibrant learner
community in the course.

In future
units, these will be used to update your peers on experiences of note that
occurred during your practicum time and any relevant developments with regard
to your capstone project.

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For this
first week, please use this reflection as an opportunity to introduce yourself
to your peers by answering one or more of the questions below:

What are
your goals and expectations for this final course in your MSN program?

How are you
feeling about your practicum site and experience?

How are you
feeling about the capstone project that you will complete during this course?

Your Check-In

If you plan
to record a video for your check-in, be sure that you are recording video and
audio with your program of choice.

If you are
recording a video using Adobe Connect, you will post the link to your recording
in your discussion post, in addition to your transcript and notes (see below).

If you are
recording a video for your check-in using Kaltura, follow the instructions in
the Using Kaltura document linked in the Resources. It will cover how to post
your video directly it into the discussion area in addition to your transcript
and notes (see below).

If you are
recording audio via PowerPoint, please make your submission one or more slides
with the reflection questions below included on the slides. Please make sure
you also include detailed notes or a transcript (see below). You will upload
your PowerPoint file as an attachment to your discussion post.

You may use
a different program or piece of technology, provided you can still create
videos and record audio for your initial discussion posts. You may wish to
check with your instructor before attempting to use a different program or
piece of technology.

Note: As a
professional best practice, and to make your discussion posts as accessible as
possible, be prepared to include a text alternative for your recorded audio by
providing a brief transcript or detailed notes with each discussion post. (This
practice is also helpful to ensure that you are recording the words that you
actually wish to say.) If you are using PowerPoint, your notes or transcription
can be included in the notes area of your slides. If you are recording a video,
please post your notes or transcript in the body of the discussion post. If you
require the use of assistive technology or alternative communication methods to
participate in this activity, please contact Disability Services to request

note: If for some reason you experience technical difficulties that make it
impossible to record a reflection, you may post a written reflection that is of
professional and academic quality.


according to the Faculty Expectations Message guidelines. Address one or more
of the following:

your goals and expectations to those of your peer.

your feelings about the practicum experience to that of your peer.

your feelings about the capstone project to those of your peer.

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