MSN 6030 Unit 3 Discussion

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MSN 6030 Unit 3 Discussion

MSN 6030 Unit 3 Discussion


DQ1 Intervention
Plan Component Development

By the end
of Unit 4, you will submit your initial Intervention Plan Design assignment. As
part of that assignment, you will be asked to develop and support a number of
components for an intervention plan that will seek to address the need, target
population, and setting that you identified in your Unit 2 Problem Statement
(PICOT) assignment. These intervention plan components will need to be
supported by evidence from the literature and professional best practices. You
will also need to consider the impacts of technology, stakeholders, health care
policy, and regulations, as well as ethical and legal considerations.

For your
initial discussion post, complete the following:

one of the components of your intervention plan.

How will
the component you described contribute to the overall success of your
intervention plan?

evidence from the literature or best practices supports that the component will
help to address the identified need or target population of your intervention

What, if
any, potential is there for technology to help in the development or
implementation of the component?

How might
stakeholders, health care policy, or regulation potentially impact this

Are there
any ethical or legal considerations related to the development or
implementation of the component that need to be kept in mind? If so, what are


according to the Faculty Expectations Message guidelines. In your response
address the following:

How well
does the described component seem to contribute to addressing the need that is
the focus of your peer’s intervention plan?

Do you have
any additional resources to suggest that your peer could use to further develop
or support the validity of their component?

Are there
any other technological tools or considerations that could help in the
development or implementation of your peer’s component?


Each week
you will engage in weekly check-ins. These check-ins will be brief (2–5
minutes) video or audio recordings in which you discuss your experiences and
progress for the week. These should be used to update your peers on experiences
of note that occurred during your practicum time and any relevant developments
with regard to your capstone project. The goal of these check-ins is to allow
you to connect with your peers on a more personal level and build a more
vibrant learner community in the course.

If you are
recording a video for your check-in, be sure that you are recording video and
audio with your program of choice.

If you are
recording a video using Adobe Connect, you will post the link to your recording
in your discussion post, in addition to your transcript and notes (see below).

If you are
recording a video for your check-in using Kaltura, follow the instructions in
the Using Kaltura document linked in the Resources. It will cover how to post
your video directly it into the discussion area in addition to your transcript
and notes (see below).

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If you are
recording audio via PowerPoint, please make your submission one or more slides
with the reflection questions below included on the slides. Please make sure
you also include detailed notes or a transcript (see below). You will upload
your PowerPoint file as an attachment to your discussion post.

You may use
a different program or piece of technology, provided you can still create
videos and record audio for your initial discussion posts. You may wish to
check with your instructor before attempting to use a different program or
piece of technology

In your
reflection, please discuss your responses to the questions below:

How is your
practicum experience going?

What is
going well in your field experience?

What are
the challenges you are encountering?

Was there
anything that you found particularly exciting or challenging that happened?

Are you
making progress on your capstone project?

aspects of the project are going well?

aspects of the project are you finding the most challenging?

excites you about your project?

Post your
reflection no later than 11:59 p.m. central time, Thursday. This will give your
peers ample time to respond.

Note: As a
professional best practice, and to make your discussion posts as accessible as
possible, be prepared to include a text alternative for your recorded audio by
providing a brief transcript or detailed notes with each discussion post. (This
practice is also helpful to ensure that you are recording the words that you
actually wish to say.) If you are using PowerPoint, your notes or transcription
can be included in the notes area of your slides. If you are recording a video,
please post your notes or transcript in the body of the discussion post. If you
require the use of assistive technology or alternative communication methods to
participate in this activity, please contact Disability Services to request

note: If for some reason you experience technical difficulties that make it
impossible to record a reflection, you may post a written reflection that is of
professional and academic quality.


Select one
peer to whom you want to respond, and address one or more of the following:

your practicum experience to that of your peer.

Offer one
or more suggestions for how your peer could work on addressing the challenge
they faced in their practicum.

your capstone project to that of your peer.

Offer one
or more suggestions for how your peer could work on addressing the challenge
they are encountering with regard to their capstone project.

MSN6030 Practicum and Capstone

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