MSN 6109 Assessment Implementing Proposed Educational Technology

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MSN 6109 Assessment Implementing Proposed Educational Technology

MSN 6109 Assessment Implementing Proposed Educational Technology


For this assessment, you will develop and record an asynchronous, audiovisual presentation, to executive leaders, of your plan for implementing the proposed educational technology change detailed in the needs assessment and impact statement you completed in Assessments 1 and 2.

To prepare for the assessment, you are encouraged to begin thinking about how to implement your plan and how best to present it to executive leaders. You may also wish to:

Review the assessment instructions and scoring guide to ensure you understand the work you will be asked to complete.

Be sure that your audiovisual equipment works and that you know how to record and upload your presentation.

Note: Remember that you can submit all, or a portion of, your draft presentation to Smarthinking Tutoring for feedback, before you submit the final version for this assessment. If you plan on using this free service, be mindful of the turnaround time of 24–48 hours for receiving feedback.

Audiovisual Equipment Setup and Testing

Because you will make a video recording of your presentation, it is a good idea to check that your recording hardware and software is working properly and that you are familiar with its use.

If using Kaltura, refer to the Using Kaltura tutorial for directions on recording and uploading your video in the courseroom.

See the Course Overview for links to these resources.

You may use Microsoft PowerPoint or other suitable presentation software to create your slides. If you elect to use an application other than PowerPoint, check with your faculty to avoid potential file compatibility issues.

Note: If you require the use of assistive technology or alternative communication methods to participate in this activity, please contact to request accommodations.


Using Kaltura or similar software, record an audiovisual presentation of your plan for implementing new educational technology, an upgrade in existing technology, or a change in how existing technology is currently being used.

Note: If you have not already done so, complete the Vila Health: Implementing New Educational Technology challenge, linked in the Required Resources.

Before you begin work on your presentation, develop a detailed outline of your implementation plan, using the Implementation Plan Template, linked in the Required Resources. The outline will guide the development of your presentation and serve as a useful handout for the attendees.

The implementation plan requirements, outlined below, correspond to the grading criteria in the scoring guide, so be sure to address each point. Read the performance-level descriptions for each criterion to see how your work will be assessed. In addition, be sure to note the requirements below for presentation format and length and for citing supporting evidence.

Outline the steps in a plan for implementing changes in existing educational technologies or aspects of their current use.

Consider contingent steps for areas of uncertainty.

Determine the resource requirements for a successful implementation. Be sure to include:

Required human and capital resources.

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Budget projections.

Technical support requirements.

Determine the end-user training requirements for successful implementation.

What is the current level of end-user knowledge and expertise with regard to the proposed changes?

What are the end-user performance expectations?

What type of initial and ongoing support will end users need?

Formulate a plan to evaluate the effectiveness of the change.

What performance measurement data do you need for a valid assessment?

What reasonable conclusions can be drawn from the data?

Develop slides that augment your presentation.

Refer to the presentation design tips in the Suggested Resources.

Communicate effectively with executive leaders in presenting your educational technology change implementation plan.

Consider the information needs of your audience and any potential concerns they might have about the plan.

What questions or objections are they likely to raise?

How would you respond?

Support assertions, arguments, propositions, and conclusions with relevant and credible evidence.

Integrate relevant and credible evidence from 3–5 peer-reviewed journals or professional industry publications.

Be sure your supporting evidence is clear and explicit.

How or why does particular evidence support a claim?

Will your reader see the connection?

Be sure to summarize, paraphrase, and quote your sources appropriately.


Remember, you may use Microsoft PowerPoint or other suitable presentation software to create your slides. If you decide to use an application other than PowerPoint, check with your faculty to avoid potential file compatibility issues.

Be sure that your slide deck includes the following slides:


Introduction. (The reasons for your presentation.)

Planned Change. (Describe the new technology, upgrade, or change in current use.)

References. (At the end of your presentation.)

Your slide deck should consist of 8–10 slides, not including the title, introduction, planned change, and references slides.

Use the speaker’s notes section of each slide to develop your talking points and cite your sources, as appropriate.


Cite 3–5 credible sources from peer-reviewed journals or professional industry publications to support your presentation.

Additional Requirements

Be sure to submit both your presentation slides and implementation plan outline for this assessment.

Proofread your slides to minimize errors that could distract the audience and make it more difficult to focus on the substance of your presentation.

Portfolio Prompt: You may choose to save your presentation to your ePortfolio.


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