MSN 6218 Unit 3 Discussion

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MSN 6218 Unit 3 Discussion

MSN 6218 Unit 3 Discussion

upon the best health care systems worldwide.

the health care systems that you consider having the best outcomes worldwide,
citing evidence that supports your claim.

What makes
these health care systems so important to overall global health?

lessons can be learned from countries with the most effective wellness programs
and how might the United States apply those lessons?

What are
the barriers for the United States to apply those lessons?

Remember to adhere to the requirements listed in the Faculty Expectations Message
for unit discussion posts and peer responses.


Respond to
two colleagues’ posts. In your responses, consider the following questions:

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What might
be the positive consequences, locally and globally, if the United States
applies the lessons learned, as suggested by your colleague?

If the
United States applies those lessons, as suggested by your colleague, are there
possible negative consequences? If so, what are they?


activity will help you achieve the following learning components:

appropriate community health benchmarks or goals.

how lessons learned from other health care systems can be applied to domestic
systems to improve outcomes.

non-U.S. health care systems that afford an opportunity for useful comparison
with the United States.

the components of a health care system and the contributing factors that
produce the best possible outcomes.

the salient similarities and differences among various health care systems.

the feasibility of making specific changes to a health care system or program.


Every one of us relishes the opportunity to retire comfortably with the freedom to travel, take up new hobbies, and live freely in our golden years. As Canadians, we have access to the Government of Canada’s National Pension Program (CPP) and Old Age Security. However, most of us choose to enhance our retirement plans by saving and investing our hard-earned money to allow us to live more comfortably. Similarly, we have access to some of the highest quality public transportation options available, yet we continue to purchase cars, bicycles or use ride sharing services or taxis when convenient. So, the question lies: if supplementing these government services is commonplace, why is it that we don’t put the same effort into supplementing our health care?

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