NHS 8002 DQ1 Ethics Case Study Analysis

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NHS 8002 DQ1 Ethics Case Study Analysis

NHS 8002 DQ1 Ethics Case Study Analysis

Discussion Preparation

Review the case study on ethics you located in this unit’s first study.


In your initial discussion post, address the following:

Identify the number and title of the case study you selected in the subject line of the discussion, for example, Ethics Case Study 35 – Ethical Dilemma.

Briefly explain why you chose this case study.

Explain what you believe to be the ethical issue or issues involved in the situation. Keep in mind that you may have to draw your own conclusions based on the information available.

Using the ethical theories presented in the readings, explain which ethical principles you would apply to the situation and why. How might you use the principles to resolve the identified situation?

Response Guidelines

Please read as many posts as time allows. Choose a post that has had few or no responses and respond to someone who selected a case study other than yours. Briefly review you peer’s case study so you have some context before you read the post. In your response, answer the following:

Do you think your peer has accurately identified the ethical issue or issues involved?

Are there other ethical principles you might apply to the situation?

Remember to refer to the Faculty Expectations for Response Guidelines.

DQ2 Living by a Code of Ethics

Discussion Preparation

When values are in conflict, a code of ethics is important in guiding decision making. It can also help define acceptable behavior for organizational members. In your third study activity for this unit, you searched the Internet for the professional code of ethics of an association aligned with your field or specialization. Examine that code in preparation for this discussion. Also, refer to the assigned readings from your first study activity for this unit.


In your initial discussion post:

Identify the organization that published the code of ethics that you found (for example: the National Association for Healthcare Quality).

Include the URL to the code of ethics.

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Use the information in the readings or the research you conducted to guide your choices, and address the following:

Identify an ethical challenge you have experienced or observed in your professional life (personnel issues, confidentiality, patient records, communication, and so on) to use as the basis of this discussion. Review the code of ethics appropriate for your profession along with any relevant research and determine how the ethical challenge might be resolved.

Analyze the factors that contribute to the ethical challenge and how it might affect the organization.

Propose a solution that aligns with your professional code of ethics and is supported with recent relevant research.

Explain how you as a leader will support and guide the process to resolve the ethical challenge.

Response Guidelines

Read the posts of your peers. Please choose posts that have had few responses thus far and refer to the Faculty Expectations for Response Guidelines. Examine the code of ethics and the organization chosen by your peer and consider the following questions when writing your response:

Are there common themes evident in their ethics codes and the one you selected?

Would you use this ethical standard to resolve the noted ethical challenge? Do you see a different way to apply the standards?

Is the publishing organization of the code of ethics one that you would be interested in joining?

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