NHS 8040 Discussion Community Building

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NHS 8040 Discussion Community Building

NHS 8040 Discussion Community Building

Community building can be particularly effective as a tool to prevent or mitigate conflict.

For this discussion, assume the role of the health care or public health leader of a community health center in a high-need urban community.

In your initial post, explain how you will include the voice of the patient or consumer. Why is this important? Relate this to the IHI Triple AIM or the six aims for health care improvement described in Crossing the Quality Chasm. Identify potential barriers and describe how these barriers might be overcome.

Be sure to include at least one APA-formatted citation (in-text plus full reference). The citation may be from your course text, assigned readings, or an outside source.

Refer to the helpful links in Resources and remember to follow the guidelines in the FEM as you prepare your post.

Response Guidelines

Read and respond to your peers’ posts according to FEM guidelines. Comment on the ways the learner plans to use community building. Suggest ways to enhance the outcomes of the community building or ask for clarification or elaboration. If your response offers an alternative viewpoint or refers to the ideas or work of others, your assertions must be supported by citing an outside source, using APA formatting.

Learning Components

This activity will help you achieve the following learning components:

Explain the importance of safety and quality on project implementation.

Explain the appropriate considerations for selecting executive sponsors.

Identify the voice of the patient or consumer.

What is Community Building and why do I need it?​

You may have seen her before, just like I have. The hordes of people who camp in regular intervals in front of the glass shops with a bitten apple on it and wait for the newest device. For me one of the most impressive examples so far of how a community of customers has built up around a brand.

I would like to know whether every company can actively approach the development of a community, what the whole thing is supposed to serve for and how it can work.

A brand community describes like-minded customers who identify with a particular brand and share significant characteristics. They share their experiences with a brand. Some also believe that the community is the rightful owner of a brand.

The reasons for “why” are manifold. The direct line to the customers is more natural, you get constant feedback on product and marketing, recommendations come naturally …

That’s what building a community is all about

Community building is a long-term measure of customer loyalty. In our day-to-day business, this is often covered by short-term measures to promote sales.

More and more companies are realizing that providing a platform for exchange and moderation within the community is a sustainable investment.

4 mistakes to avoid when building communities

You’re not authentic, but you’re complicated instead.

If you’re not completely authentic, then the biggest differentiator is missing. It’s the same with making the whole community experience very complicated with too many rules. There’s hardly a customer who loves that.

You are not consistent

Be consistent in the frequency of how often and perhaps when you contribute to the community with news. If there is no flow recognizable, then it will quickly appear to be set up for your community.

You make it an advertisement, not a community

Especially online with the existing platforms there are so many possibilities that the whole community always stays up to date with the news from your house. But in the same breath your community can’t turn around you. Listen and perceive the questions and needs of the individuals in the community.

You just let silence happen

What do you hear when you listen to your community? If it is silence, then lack of engagement will soon spread and the community will return. Encourage your customers to participate, and come up with gamification and reward approaches.

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Classification of community building in the marketing context

sales funnel

Community Building in the entire Marketing Funnel

Throughout the Marketing Funnel, the activities you perform to build your community are usually located between the middle and the deeper part of the funnel.

The focus here is on measures to ensure that customers understand your brand even better and build loyalty to it, so that they also appreciate the smaller elements around the product or service.

Immediate impact on sustainability

Community building does not serve the immediate acquisition of new customers and does not happen from one day to the next, but typically takes time.

The reverberation, on the other hand, is very high with this channel because the community can grow sustainably with each new customer.

Classification in the channel portfolio

If you compile your portfolio of channels and actions, then the actions of brand community building will typically have the function of maturing as seeds in the minds of customers.

This channel works best in combination with the ejected nets and the targeted spears.

4 frequently underestimated tips and hacks when building customer communities

Make the community searchable

No matter how great your community is if no one knows about it and it is not found. So create multiple entry points that make it easy to join the community.

Position the community as part of the Customer Experience

Your community should be an extension of your overall value proposition. So think about how the community can act as a central feature in your customer relationship and how you can bring it to the customer.

Offer exclusive content

Customers can be encouraged to be active in the community on a regular basis if they exclusively find content or the like here that they would not find anywhere else.

Rewards for particularly active contributions

The important step is to let customers communicate with each other, because then the insights are all the more valuable later. In return, it makes sense to reward the active contributors in the community for their commitment. Be creative.

Community Building depends on these key figures

community Members

Different numbers can be measured.
– Total number
– new community members last month
– active vs. inactive members

community engagement

Especially when setting up the community on existing social networks, the following often has to be measured:
– How many new Likes were there last month?
– How many comments
– How many new posts, events and themes have been created by the members?
– How many were created by you (or the Community Manager)?

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