NRNP 6650 DQ Experiential and Narrative Family Therapy

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NRNP 6650 DQ Experiential and Narrative Family Therapy

NRNP 6650 DQ Experiential and Narrative Family Therapy

The Smiths, a family of five, present with their 14-year-old male son, Joshua, who is
identified as “the patient.” Almost immediately, the psychiatric mental health nurse
practitioner notices the subtle struggle between the parents to be heard first, often talking
over one another. Joshua finally blurts out, “You see, you two are crazy, and you think it’s
me.” Joshua’s father immediately becomes angry, and Joshua’s mom is quick to rush to
Joshua’s side. She begins to argue with her husband about his treatment of their son.
The Smiths and other clients like them may be candidates for both experiential therapy
and narrative family therapy, and it is important to note that these are distinctly different
therapeutic approaches. Experiential therapy examines experiences of the “here and now,”
whereas narrative family therapy focuses on retelling one’s story to understand why one
behaves in certain ways. When assessing client families and selecting one of these therapies,
you must not only select the one that is best for the clients, but also the approach that most
aligns to your own skill set.
This week, you compare experiential family therapy and narrative family therapy.

Learning Resources
Required Readings
American Nurses Association. (2014). Psychiatric-mental health nursing: Scope and
standards of practice (2nd ed.). Washington, DC: Author.
 Standard 5B “Health Teaching and Health Promotion” (pages 55-56)

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 Chapter 7, “Experiential Family Therapy” (pp. 105-118
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Phipps, W. D., & Vorster, C. (2011). Narrative therapy: A return to the intrapsychic
perspective. Journal of Family Psychotherapy, 22(2), 128-147.

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 “Genograms” pp. 137-142
Required Media

Governors State University (Producer). (2009). Emotionally focused couples therapy [Video
file]. Chicago, IL: Author.

The approximate length of this media piece is 115 minutes.
Laureate Education (Producer). (2013b). Hernandez family genogram [Video file].
Baltimore, MD: Author.

Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 3 minutes.
Accessible player
Credit: Provided courtesy of the Laureate International Network of Universities. (Producer). (n.d.). Narrative family therapy [Video file].

The approximate length of this media piece is 111 minutes.
Optional Resources

Bugental J. (n.d.). Existential-humanistic psychotherapy [Video file]. Mill Valley, CA:

The approximate length of this media piece is 61 minutes.

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