NRNP 6650 DQ Structural and Strategic Family Therapy

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NRNP 6650 DQ Structural and Strategic Family Therapy

NRNP 6650 DQ Structural and Strategic Family Therapy

Individuals are born into families, grow and develop in families, and live most of their lives
in families. Therefore, it makes sense that clients are best understood within the context of
the family system.
——Dr. Candice Knight, Psychotherapy for the Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse
The family system is a social unit that is based on unique relationships and roles.
Structural and strategic therapies are important, because they offer unique insights to the
theoretical underpinnings of this system. As a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner,
a strong theoretical foundation will help you better understand the family unit and family
therapy; this understanding will, in turn, improve the effectiveness of your work with
This week, as you continue exploring family therapy, you examine structural and strategic
family therapies and their appropriateness for client families.

Learning Resources
Required Readings

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Required Media (Producer). (2010). Bowenian family therapy [Video file]. Mill Valley,
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The approximate length of this media piece is 118 minutes.

Triangle Productions (Producer). (2001). Brief strategic therapy with couples [Video file]. La
Jolla, CA: Author.

Optional Resources

Coatsworth, J. D., Santisteban, D. A., McBride, C. K., & Szapocznik, J. (2001). Brief
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