NRNP 6655 Discussion Child and Adolescent Assessment

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NRNP 6655 Discussion Child and Adolescent Assessment

NRNP 6655 Discussion Child and Adolescent Assessment

All diagnoses, from infancy to adulthood, begin with an examination. While an organic
basis for most medical disorders can be determined through the use of diagnostic testing,
the field of psychiatry is different in that patients cannot be sent to the lab for blood tests to
determine the degree of depression. Similarly, patients cannot be sent to the radiology
department for a “scan” to determine the severity of their bipolar disorder. Instead, the
field of psychiatry must use psychiatric assessments, such as the comprehensive integrated
physical exam, diagnostic interviews, and questionnaires to make diagnoses. These tools
must be specialized to address the needs of children and adolescents.
Diagnostic assessment of the child and adolescent is a specialized area of expertise. The
PMHNP will often see children who have already been seen by a primary care provider.
Many PCPs are comfortable handling attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and
other straightforward childhood disorders. That means that the PMHNP will often treat
the more complicated patients. This week, you explore psychiatric assessment techniques
and tools for children and adolescents. You also examine the role of the parent/guardian in
the assessment process for this patient population.
Learning Objectives
Students will:
 Evaluate comprehensive integrated psychiatric assessment techniques for children
and adolescents
 Recommend assessment questions for child and adolescent patients
 Explain the importance of thorough psychiatric assessment for children and
 Identify rating scales that are appropriate for child/adolescent psychiatric
 Identify psychiatric treatments appropriate for children and adolescents
 Explain the role of the parent/guardian in child/adolescent psychiatric assessment

Learning Resources

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Recommended Reading (click to expand/reduce)

Optional Discussion Forum: PMHNP Study Support Lounge
The PMHNP Study Support Lounge is offered throughout the course as a place
of academic refuge where you can ask questions, offer insights, and interact with your
peers. Your Instructor may also weigh in to provide global feedback to the group based on
trends, common problems, and common strengths in student posts.

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You are encouraged to provide constructive, helpful feedback to your peers. Advanced
practice nurses always benefit from the feedback of others. Your Study Support Lounge
posts may be procedural (“How do I attach a Kaltura video to a Discussion post?”),
conceptual (“How does this relate to the other therapy approaches we have studied?”), or
analytical (“What do these diagnostic results actually mean in the context of this specific
patient case?”). Although not mandatory, this is an opportunity to interact and study
together as you navigate the assignments, so you are highly encouraged to take part in this
activity. Full participation in activities like this is a statistically significant predictor of

To Participate in this Optional Discussion:
PMHNP Study Support Lounge

Practicum Manual Acknowledgment
The Practicum Manual describes the structure and timing of the classroom-based and
practicum experiences and the policies students must follow to be successful in the nurse
practitioner (NP) specialties.

 Field Experience: MSN Nurse Practitioner Practicum Manual

Click here and follow the instructions to confirm you have downloaded and read the entire
MSN Nurse Practitioner Practicum Manual and will abide by the requirements described
in order to successfully complete this program.

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