NUR 2058 Assignment Legacy of Nursing’s History

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NUR 2058 Assignment Legacy of Nursing’s History

NUR 2058 Assignment Legacy of Nursing’s History

Select a nurse that historically contributed to the advancement of the profession. Write a 2-3 page paper that responds to the following questions. Identify the nurse and his/her background and complete the following:

Provide a brief description of the major social issues occurring at the time this nurse lived

Describe two contributions made to nursing

Discuss how these two unique contributions influenced nursing as we know it today

Minimum length 2-3 pages not including cover or referencing. APA formatting with referencing and in text citation.

You may use your textbook, readings and the following for background information.

ANA Hall of Fame

American Association for the History of Nursing

Museum of Nursing History – Slide Show Gallery

Strout, K. (2012). Wellness promotion and the Institute of Medicine’s future of nursing report: Are nurses ready? Holistic Nursing Practice 26(3), 129-136.

This assignments must have accurate spelling and grammar and use APA Editorial Format for sources and reference.

Author Note This paper is being submitted on January 10, 2016, for Jennifer Cowherd’s NUR2058 Dimensions of Nursing Practice course.

Legacy of Nursing’s History The history of nursing is such a vast subject. There is so much to learn, such as, how nursing first started to how nursing has changed since the beginning. There are so many individual people that have been nurses and contributed a lot to the nursing world. Today I will be presenting a lady by the name of Lillian Wald. Lillian Wald (1867-1940) was raised in Ohio and graduated from New York Hospital Training School for Nurses in 1901(Catalano, Joseph T., 2015). Lillian was only 22 when she moved to New York to attend school, she came from a family of Jewish Professionals, so she actually had a privileged life (Henry Street Settlement, 2011). During this time, Lillian was living on the lower east side and saw a lot of immigrants going through tough times, struggling just to get by, so that’s when she decided that she wanted to help everyone that she could for lower prices that were more reasonable. In order to help and care for others, Lillian Wald decided to open the Henry Street Settlement, which was a storefront health clinic in one of the poorest sections of the city, which organized nurses to make home visits, focusing on sanitary conditions and children’s health (Catalano, Joseph T., 2015). Wald became a dedicated social reformer, and efficient fundraiser, and an eloquent speaker (Catalano, Joseph T., 2015). Even though this was in the era where women didn’t have the right to vote, her political influence was felt nationwide (Catalano, Joseph T., 2015). The Henry Street Settlement was one of Wald’s biggest accomplishments, she eventually had 7 other locations on Henry Street that had a wide variety of patients.

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Lillian Wald did many other things aside from The Henry Street Settlement. One of her other big accomplishments was helping out others that wanted to become nurses and follow in her footsteps. Wald Pioneered public health nursing by placing nurses in public schools, and by helping found the National Organization for Public Health Nursing and Columbia University’s School of Nursing (The Henry Street Settlement, 2011). After reading what Lillian Wald was able to accomplish on her own, it kind of makes you wonder how things would have been now if her contributions were never made.

NUR 2058 Assignment Legacy of Nursing’s History

NUR 2058 Assignment Legacy of Nursing’s History

If it wasn’t for Lillian opening The Henry Street Settlement, who knows how many people would have died from illnesses that they couldn’t afford to get treated, and if those people never made it, then how many of us would be here today. Its amazing how one situation can affect so many other things. Organization for Public Health Nursing as well as Columbia’s Universities School of Nursing, who knows how much longer it would have been before other schools brought in nursing programs. Not only did this open opportunities for those who wanted to become nurses, but it also helped those who couldn’t afford it. Lillian Ward was one amazing, brave, and independent young lady and it’s stories like this that make me want to become a nurse even more.

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