NUR 3805 Chapter 13 Quiz

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NUR 3805 Chapter 13 Quiz

NUR 3805 Chapter 13 Quiz

Question 1 Which illness has the
characteristics of a chronic illness?





Lupus requires long-term treatment and
impacts a person for his or her entire life. Previously, the life expectancy was
as short as a few months after diagnosis.

Question 2 What is the primary difference
between acute illness and chronic illness?

In chronic illness, symptoms begin
suddenly, require ongoing management, and subside quickly.

In chronic illness, symptoms begin
gradually, progress suddenly, and subside quickly.

In acute illness, symptoms begin suddenly,
progress gradually, and do not subside.

In acute illness, symptoms begin suddenly,
progress quickly, and subside quickly.

Acute illness is defined as severe symptoms
that appear suddenly, progress steadily, and subside quickly.

Question 3 A patient states, “I am so upset
that I need a knee replacement. I should have done those exercises that the
physical therapist told me to do years ago.” In which stage of illness is the

Disbelief and denial

Attempting to gain control

Irritability and anger

Irritability and anger is the second stage
of illness acceptance. It is characterized by anger at the body for not
functioning properly or by anger at self or others.

Depression and despair

Question 4 A patient states, “There is no
hope. They’re going to keep me here until I die. Can’t you give me my
medication more often? I’m going to die anyway.” In which stage of illness is
this patient?

Depression and grief

Depression and grief is the fourth stage in
the adjustment to an illness. The person at this stage may experience many
losses, and depression is the response.

Attempting to gain control

Disbelief and denial

Irritability and anger

Question 5 A contemporary view of the sick
role includes

patient as submissive to the health care

patient as partner with the health care

A contemporary view of the sick role
includes partnering with patients in making health care decisions.

moving away from cultural values when
making health care decisions.

patient noncompliant with the health care

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Question 6 A patient diagnosed with breast
cancer responded by gathering information about treatment options and becoming
involved in a self-help group. The nurse assesses that the patient is
demonstrating which personality characteristic?




Hardiness is the ability to feel capable of
handling stressful life events. Hardy people are likely to perceive themselves
as having some control over a situation even when they are ill.


Question 7 A patient in whom metastatic
cancer is diagnosed tells the nurse, “God has never let me down before. I’ll
pray for strength.” This patient’s illness behavior is being influenced by

sense of control.




Spirituality is an inner strength related
to a belief in and connectedness to a higher power.

Question 8 Which of the following is an
appropriate intervention for the nursing diagnosis of spiritual distress?

Reassure patients that they should not
blame God for their illness.

Never pray with patients or share readings
that can have a religious connection.

Consider patients’ religious beliefs when
planning care.

Helping patients engage spiritually assures
holistic care.

Inform patients of the prevalent religious
beliefs that exist in the locale where they are being treated.

Question 9 The best definition of
ethnocentrism is

a tendency to view your own culture as
superior to others.

Ethnocentrism describes a tendency to view
your own culture as superior to others.

a tendency to compare the behavior of
others with your own cultural values.

an astute awareness of your own personal
biases regarding other cultures.

the ability to incorporate patients’
cultural beliefs and values into health teaching.

Question 10 When planning for patient
teaching, the nurse is aware that which of the following factors create(s) a
barrier to learning?

Patient autonomy

Pain and fatigue

Pain and fatigue create barriers to

Mild anxiety

Family presence

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