NUR 3805 DQ Healthcare Initiative of Healthy People 2020

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NUR 3805 DQ Healthcare Initiative of Healthy People 2020

NUR 3805 DQ Healthcare Initiative of Healthy People 2020

Follow the instructions under Discussion
Board Rubric and Discussion Guidelines and APA Tips to create your post and
respond to at least one other student. Internal citations and references are

Choose one of the following discussion topics to develop ~ be sure to
respond to one of your peers.

Review the healthcare initiative of Healthy
People 2020 and Healthy People 2030 (being developed) In what ways might
nursing address the Healthy People 2020 broad goals? (consider using the 10
health indicators as a guide)

Think about the four major categories of
health care services (health promotion and maintenance, illness prevention,
diagnosis and treatment, and rehabilitation and long-term care). Which have you
or a family member used? Which ones might have been more useful and why?

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Identify a local or global health care
agency/system and do the following: determine how the agency is classified
(e.g., public, voluntary, for-profit, not-for-profit), obtain a copy of the
organizational chart, identify to whom the chief nurse executive (CNE) reports
and who reports to the CNE, and describe the types of health services provided.

Discuss the causes of health
disparities. After researching this
topic, did you find that health care disparities have gotten significantly
worse or have remained unchanged?

According to the text, people who support a
free-market economy consider health care a privilege. The United States,
however, has health care payment policies inconsistent with a free-market
economy. Based on basic economic theory, discuss whether health care in the
United States is a right or a privilege. (This topic is a personal favorite 😉

Do a little research on how hospital bills
break down payments. What are the
advantages and disadvantages to including nursing services in hospitals as part
of the “room rate”? How does this affect the professional image of nursing?

Research one or two health care agencies
and find out what economic measures they are using to decrease health care
costs. Present their findings along with a new idea that is not found in the


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