NURS 3325 Discussion APRN Bridge course

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NURS 3325 Discussion APRN Bridge course

NURS 3325 Discussion APRN Bridge course

Please respond to the discussion prompt.

Read the following article Informatics Competencies for Nursing and Healthcare Leaders and discuss the different informatics competencies needed for nurses entering into practice, experienced nurses, informatics nurses, and nurse specialists. Next, discuss how the use of health information (HI) technology has influenced your current nursing practice.

Use at least one scholarly source other than your textbook to connect your response to national guidelines and evidence-based research in support of your ideas. This is required. In addition, you may also provide an example case, either from personal experience or from the media, which illustrates and supports your ideas.  All sources must be referenced and cited using correct APA (including a link to the source).

In all posts referencing personal experiences, please be sure to respect and maintain patient and colleague confidentiality.

Informatics competencies for nursing leaders were developed through a review of the literature and a Delphi process that included three rounds of surveys using an expert panel of experienced nursing leaders, informaticians, and researchers. The first round resulted in significant changes, while the second and third rounds were more editorial. There was considerable feedback from participants about informatics competencies for the nursing leader versus competencies for the nurse informatician or other nursing roles. Participants commented that informatics competencies for nursing leaders should emphasize knowledge and skills for planning, coordinating, supporting, directing, and evaluating informatics initiatives rather than “doing.” For instance, nursing leaders do not need to actually perform specific informatics skills such as use project management software. The one exception was the need for leaders to be competent in computer skills.

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The purpose of developing informatics competencies was to identify those areas related to nursing leadership, which included front line managers to the nursing executive. Similar to the levels of public health users, informatics competencies for nursing leaders varies based on their level of management.

For instance, the front line manager’s role requires documenting patient care in EHRs while the role of the nursing executive is focused on procuring financial support for the EHR.

NURS 3325 Discussion APRN Bridge course

NURS 3325 Discussion APRN Bridge course

Participants who were nursing informaticians also identified that there may be differences in competencies for nursing leaders based on the reporting relationship of the informatician. Some nurse informaticians report to the chief informatics officer (CIO) while others report to the chief nursing officer. A CIO may require greater technology knowledge and skills while a nurse executive may require a greater emphasis on use of informatics in nursing.

Another key message from participants was an emphasis on interdisciplinary coordination. Nursing leaders must have computer and informatics knowledge and skills to work with other disciplines, but clearly can not operate in a silo. This influenced the development of the competencies to emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of informatics.


This study contributes to the identification of competencies that are unique to the role of the nursing leader. Informatics competencies that address computer skills are similar to previously identified competencies. However, informatics knowledge and skills are unique in this study. In future research, competencies need to be leveled by nursing leadership roles and responsibilities. Additionally validation also is needed to determine the applicability across health care settings.

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