NURS 3325 DQ Assignment Geriatric Windshield Survey Table

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NURS 3325 DQ Assignment Geriatric Windshield Survey Table

NURS 3325 DQ Assignment Geriatric Windshield Survey Table

Step 1

From your home address write the distance (in miles or partial miles) to the following places. Answer any questions associated with the question.

This is the scenario: someone in your neighborhood is 78 years old and lives alone with their dog in a home they own. They enjoy taking the dog for walks and that is how they get their exercise. they enjoy getting out with people their own age to socialize. They are on medication for mild hypertension but are otherwise healthy. They have social security and a small retirement from the job they retired from, $2000 per month. They try very hard to watch their spending but have to pay for utilities, food, gas, and co-pays for physician visits. They have a son but he works full time and is frequently out of town on business. His wife is very busy with work and taking care of their 3 children. They still drive but only on side streets since They are no longer comfortable on the freeways and they do not drive at night.

1.            The nearest Pharmacy – Do they compound medications? Do they deliver? Is there a pharmacy in the area that delivers?

2.            The nearest grocery store that you could get fresh fruit and vegetables. Do they deliver? Does any grocery in your area deliver?

3.            The nearest bank.

4.            The nearest Primary Care Physician.

5.            The nearest hospital.

6.            The nearest dentist.

7.            The nearest place of worship.

8.            If you couldn’t drive what resources are available?

9.            Nearest senior center or other facility with activities for seniors. Do they provide transportation? Do they serve lunch?

NURS 3325 DQ Assignment Geriatric Windshield Survey Table

NURS 3325 DQ Assignment Geriatric Windshield Survey Table

10.          Is there a meal delivery service in the area i.e. meals on wheels?

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11.          Are there sidewalks in the neighborhood? Are they in good condition? Would they be a fall risk?

12.          If there are not sidewalks is there a park nearby to walk the dog? Would you have to walk in the street? How safe would that be?

13.          The nearest Veterinarian

14.          Nearest pet supply store.

15.          What is the crime rate in the area?

16.          The nearest fire station – police station – EMT.

17.          Can you obtain lawn service? Mowing?

18.          Is there someone nearby for housecleaning?

Create a detailed table with the information gathered from the above questions. Provide details of the services available. Do not copy and paste these questions and answer create a table. This will be turned in first. Professional references should be used to document characteristics about the neighborhood (blogs and wiki are not professional references). When you are listing services, are these services that could be accessed by an older adult, do you think an 80-year-old would have an Uber app? You may need to access the website to determine what services are provided by the site (senior center provides rides). Crime rates should be reported as incidents per 1000 or per 100,000 inhabitants. Crime rates should be reported using government sources.

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