NURS 3335 Assignment Book Review

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NURS 3335 Assignment Book Review

NURS 3335 Assignment Book Review

Overview: Book Review

You have selected one of the designated books to read.You will now write a book review that expresses your motivation for selecting the particular book, the impression the book made on you,  information from another external, reliable source that either corroborates or contradicts the book, and how or why this book will or will not impact you. See Content Criteria on page 4 for more details. Note that your additional source should be from a recent (within last 5 years), professional journal or website (NIH, CDC, etc.). Blogs, magazines, and newspapers are not considered professional resources.An external source is one that is not included within the course readings.

Before you begin writing, review the APA formatted example paper located in the course. Format your paper exactly in this manner. Be sure that you are using correct APA format for all of your citations and references including the book title. Outline your responses to the criteria listed in the rubric and instructions. Use language and examples that demonstrate your understanding of course concepts and reflect your personal position on the author’s stance. Write professionally and concisely. You may write in first person for this assignment. Be sure to proofread your assignment and correct any errors before submitting it. Your paper should be double spaced, include a separate Title and Reference page, and the body of the paper should not exceed 3 pages of double spaced written work.

This paper should incorporate scholarly writing. One characteristic of scholarly writing is learning how to paraphrase and cite appropriately and correctly. Your paper should include numerous paraphrases with corresponding citations. However, you are only allowed to include a maximum of 3 quotes(with corresponding citations) within the paper. If you have more than 3 quotes, you will have 2 points deducted for each additional quote. (If you are unsure of the difference between paraphrasing and quotes, please read your APA book or reach out to one of the UTA nursing librarians.)

If you submit your book review on a book that is NOT one of the choices on the syllabus, you will receive a 50-point deduction on the book review assignment.  Please pay close attention to the book options on the syllabus to ensure you chose an allowed book for your book review.

Also, if you are repeating the course, you must do your Book Review on the book option that you did not choose the first time you took the course. If your Book Review is on the same book that you reviewed in the previous course, you will receive a zero for this assignment.

Book Review Criteria

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•             Arrange your assignment in the following sequence with these required sections and subheadingsand the content points noted.

•             Open a new Word document, and save it to your Desktop with the filename, “yourname_Book_Review,” inserting your name in place of “yourname.”

•             Begin your paper by setting the margins, font, and header according to APA format.

•             Click “Save” often to keep from accidentally losing your work.

Content Criteria
Introduction Write a short paragraph that introduces your paper to the reader. This usually includes mention of all of the content/topics that will be written about within the body of the paper. For example, “First I will explain why I chose….”. Insert Title of Paper at the top of the page, centered,bolded, and in Title case. 

Then start paragraph.

Part I: Book 


State which book you chose, and discuss why you chose it. Include specific references to book title, description, authors(s), or particular experiences of yours that prompted you to select the book. Insert heading title, centered, bolded, and in Title Case. 

Then start paragraph.

Part II: Two Topics of Interest 


Write two separate paragraphs describing topics or pieces of information from the book itself that made the greatest impression on you. Discuss why the topic impacted you giving an example of student impact for each of the topics. Insert heading title, centered, bolded, and in Title Case. 

Then start paragraphs.


Part III: Corroboration / Contradiction 


Provide at least two examples from an external source that either corroborates or contradicts the information or stance taken by the author of the book on your topics of interest.Be specific and relate the information from the external source to the book itself. Insert heading title, centered, bolded, and in Title Case. 

Then start paragraphs.

Part IV: Practice Application 


Explain whyorhow the information you gained from the reading of this book will or will not affect your personal actions or your professional practice. Insert heading title, centered, bolded, and in Title Case. 

Then start paragraph.


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