NURS 3335 Assignment Journal Analysis

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NURS 3335 Assignment Journal Analysis

NURS 3335 Assignment Journal Analysis

You have maintained a journal for four weeks, recording four entries per week that reflect the issue you selected for your Health Promotion Contract. Now you will review those entries and analyze the effect the journaling experience had on you and your progress toward goals.

Answer all of the questions thoroughly in 3-4 complete sentences, referencing what you learned in the courseand reflecting upon the role of journaling in health promotion.


•             Discuss the purpose and efficacy of journaling for health promotion.

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Analysis Questions

1. Thoroughly describe the health issue you chose to work on during this course as listed in your Health Promotion Contract.(5 points)

2. For your issue, at what stage of the “Stages of Change” Model (in Week 1 Readings and Media section) were you in by the last week of the course? Thoroughly describe below.(20 points)

3. What was your most significant motivator in meeting your Health PromotionContract goal? Thoroughly describe below and include two examples.(15 points)

4. What was your most significant stumbling block in meeting your Health Promotion Contract goal? Thoroughly describe below and include two examples.(15 points)

5. Did your journaling help you stay focused on the issue on which you were working? Thoroughly describe below, explaining why or why not, and give two examples.(10 points)

6. Did you find yourself journaling on topics other than your issue?Thoroughly describe below.(5 points)

7. In your attempts to reach a goal (intermediate or end-goal), what was your self-talk? (Self-talk is defined as your ongoing internal dialogue with yourself. Self-talk can be accurate, positive and supportive, or exaggerated and negative.) Give two examples of your self-talk and thoroughly describe below. (10 points)

8. Will the results of the JAMA article (in Week 1 Readings and Media), as to the efficacy ofjournaling, influence you to continue to journal? Why or why not? (Be honest with yourself in answering this.) Thoroughly describe below. (10 points)

9. Would you take a medication that purported to have similar health improvement benefits as journaling? Why or why not? Thoroughly describe below.(10 points)

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