NURS 6512 DQ Comprehensive Health History Accessible player 

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NURS 6512 DQ Comprehensive Health History Accessible player

NURS 6512 DQ Comprehensive Health History Accessible player

What's Happening in This Module?
This course is composed of four (4) separate modules. Each module consists of an overarching
topic in which each week within the module includes specific subtopics for learning. As you
work through each module, you will have an opportunity to draw upon the knowledge you gain
in various Digital Clinical Experiences (DCE) and lab assignment components that will be due
throughout each of the modules.
Module 1: Comprehensive Health History is a 1-week module, Week 1 of the course, in which
you will examine how social determinants of health such as age, gender, ethnicity, and
environmental situations impact the health and risk assessment of the patients you serve. You
will also consider how social determinants of health influence your interview and
communication techniques as you work in partnership with a patient to gather data to build an
accurate health history.
What do I have to do?     When do I have to do it?

Review your Learning
Resources Days 1–7, Week 1

Discussion: Building a
Comprehensive Health

Post by Day 3 of Week 1, and respond to your colleagues by
Day 6 of Week 1.

What’s Coming Up in
Module 2: Looking

Review the “Looking Ahead” section for this week. You are
encouraged to further review the requirements for the
Shadow Health registration process for your digital clinical

Go to the Week's Content


As dental hygienists, we are all educated on the importance of obtaining a thorough health history on our patients. Oral health can affect overall health and vice versa. A thorough health history also allows us to minimize risks associated with treating our patients and can help prepare and possibly predict, for a medical emergency.

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However, with appointment times being shortened and with the constant struggle of staying on schedule, reviewing a patient’s health history can sometimes be rushed through. This is a dangerous habit of falling into. So I’d like to give a bit of a reminder and overview of a comprehensive health history and some medical conditions which can alter dental treatment.

Be Thorough, Every Appointment, with Every Patient

New patients should complete a health history, and this health history should be reviewed at every dental appointment. When reviewing medical history, blanket statements like, “Any changes in your health?” don’t tend to get us the answers we need. Many patients will

Better, more specific, questions are: Have you been hospitalized or gone to the emergency room recently – or in the past six months (or however long it’s been since you’ve seen them)? Are you currently under the care of a doctor? If so, what for (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.)? Instead of asking, “Any changes in your medications?” Ask an open-ended question, “What medications are you currently taking?” Then compare what they state to what’s listed in their chart. This is always a good time to remind patients, especially those who are on multiple medications, to keep an updated list on them in their purse, wallet, or in their phone, at all times.

Be aware that even with open-ended questions, patients can still forget to tell you something. I had a periodontally-involved patient who, despite my specific and open-ended questions, stated he had no had changes to his medical history, answered, “No,” to my question of if he’d been to the emergency room or hospitalized recently. He also listed the same medications he was taking as he did at his previous appointment.


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