PRAC 6655 Discussion Midterm Clinical Evaluation

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PRAC 6655 Discussion Midterm Clinical Evaluation

PRAC 6655 Discussion Midterm Clinical Evaluation

What do I have to do? When do I have to do it?

Review your Learning Resources. Days 1–7

Assignment 1: Clinical Hour and
Patient Logs

Record your clinical hours and patient
in Meditrek by Day 7.

Assignment 2: Midterm Clinical

Your Preceptor will evaluate your clinical
skills by Day 7.

All people—including clinicians and professionals—can have personal “blind spots” (i.e.,
individuals might not recognize an aspect of themselves that others see, positive or
negative). That blind spot could relate to communication style, interpersonal skills, clinical
skills, or discipline knowledge. Evaluative feedback is one way to see yourself from another
perspective and uncover those blind spots. In this way, feedback from a trusted mentor
such as your Preceptor can be enlightening.
This week, as you approach the halfway point of your practicum, your Preceptor will assess
your clinical skills in a Midterm Evaluation.
Learning Objectives
Students will:
 Describe clinical hours and patient encounters
 Compare Preceptor evaluation with self-evaluation to assimilate level of clinical

Learning Resources

Required Readings (click to expand/reduce)

Note: Use this link to log into Meditrek to report your clinical hours and
patient encounters.

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The Mid-Term Evaluation will be completed by students at the mid-point of the clinical placement to assist students to take inventory of their current
development and assist them to make plans for future clinical practice. The student will use a reflective process to help assess progress in meeting
established program, year, and course objectives. The student will submit an electronic copy of the Mid-Term Evaluation document to the clinical
instructor prior to the formal mid-term student evaluation. Because the document is to be completed electronically, the student and instructor can take
as much space as they need to provide appropriate evidence and feedback.
After receiving the student’s Mid-Term Evaluation, the clinical instructor will complete the comment section providing feedback and evaluation of
the student’s progress. The clinical instructor will provide suggestions for improvement. The instructor will place a check in the “S” column if
progress is satisfactory, and in the “U” column if progress is unsatisfactory. If a student demonstrates unsatisfactory progress at mid-term, the student
and instructor will develop a Learning Plan outlining strategies in which the student will engage, along with clear expectations that must be met for
the successful completion of the course. The course professor may be involved in developing the learning plan.
The student and instructor should save and print a copy of the mid-term evaluation. Printed copies must be submitted to the course professor within a
week of completion.
At the end of the rotation, students will complete a Final Evaluation. Students will use a new copy of the evaluation template to archive their
achievements and areas for future development. The student will submit an electronic copy of their final evaluation to the instructor; this will help the
instructor complete an assessment of the student.
In order to complete the final evaluation, the clinical instructor will provide additional evidence by completing the comment section, providing
feedback and evaluating the student’s progress. The clinical instructor will collect evidence in the form of the student self-assessment, comments of
the health care team members, patient input, student submissions (including portfolios) and observations. A summary of achievement as well as
implications for future learning should be included in this document. The attendance section and record of completed hours is to be filled in
completely. The completed document is to be printed, shared with the student and signed. The signed copy must be returned to the TFSON within 10
The Year Lead, lab instructor, and/or course professor will assess the completion of the Learning Center Component, if applicable.
Students and instructors will complete both the mid-term and final clinical evaluation documents electronically. An electronic copy of the completed
(student and instructor) final evaluation should be submitted to the course professor within 48 hours of the final evaluation delivery. A printed and
signed copy should follow within 10 days of the evaluation meeting

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