SOC 312 Discussion Postracial Society

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SOC 312 Discussion Postracial Society

SOC 312 Discussion Postracial Society

DQ1 Postracial Society

Consider a “postracial” society. What
characteristics would this society have? Does America fit this description? Are
we living in a postaxial world after the election and re-election of President
Obama? Explain your reasoning.

DQ2 Prejudice Theories

Explain the various causes of prejudice including the
various theoretical perspectives presented in the textbook. What theory or
theories seem most credible? Be sure to explain your reasoning.

DQ3 Flying While Muslim

After watching the video Flying While Muslim and reading the
current debate feature in your textbook, compare and contrast the racial
profiling of African Americans and Muslims.
How are they similar and how are they different?

It is really hard a society becomes post-racial. But it is not impossible. Actually, I believe that besides we are really far from it, we are also walking in the right direction. But, this discussion must to begin with the next questions: What is a post-racial society?

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What is race and racism? How can we avoid this action? In an introductory way, race can be the response to the question “what are you?” and have relationship with culture, beliefs and what part the world the person came from. Racism is the action to avoid and discriminate people that have these features different when compared with other person. A post-racial society is a kind of community which have no racism, because the people inside this society does not care to race, for …show more content…
His efforts to get free of racism are one of the human rights stories more moving and positive of the twentieth century (Southern Education Foundation)[5]. In the early twentieth century, white authority was accepted as standard by most whites in Brazil, South Africa and the United States. One hundred years later, things have changed. The African descent people, helped by some allies, have made significant progress in holding equal rights, and are demanding equal treatment than that given to white. Apartheid ended in South Africa.

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